Sunday September 2 1997

Dear diary,

Tomorrow will be a very hard day for me. I'm feeling a bit excited and a bit scared about going to Wolsingham School. I have never been to a big school before. There are only five of us going there from Rookhope. We are all scared. Wolsingham is going to be very different from Rookhope.

Thoughts are going round and round in my head. I keep thinking I will miss the bus, lose my books or forget my homework. I'm worried in case I go to the wrong class, get bullied or lose my money and then not be able to buy anything to eat. I might get lost on cross-country or a teacher might pick on me.

It will be weird going to Wolsingham.

In the summer we went to the haunted house - that's a weird place. We were lying on the floor talking about the comp. All of us are scared about going. The haunted house is scary but the feeling about that is funny scared. Thinking about Wolsingham is scary scared.

I hope some of the friends I met at the Field Study trip in Middleton will be in the same class as me. I will miss my friends from Rookhope - the ones who are not moving up tomorrow.

I think I will feel alright after a few days at Wolsingham, when I have made new friends.