Sunday September 2 1997

Dear diary, It is the night before my first day at comprehensive school. I am in my bedroom wondering if I will make a fool of myself tomorrow. Will I get to the classrooms on time? What if I get lost? I've got a feeling I'm going to be picked on. I've heard loads of rumours about what happens at the school - about bullying and people being on drugs.

After visiting the school last term I felt reassured, and talking about the move did make me feel really confident. Then, I had no questions to ask BUT, at home, here in my bedroom, by myself, I have more questions than an A4 piece of paper could hold.

The only time I could forget about my troubles was when we went away for two weeks during the summer holidays - I wish it was still the holidays. We had such fine weather and I had loads of fun - swimming, riding, going to the forest and playing with friends. After 6 weeks of freedom how am I going to get back into a routine?

For a start I will have to get up very early because the bus will pick me up at 8am. My worst fear is missing the bus AND what if I lose my bus-pass?

Rachel has a sister at the school to help her and some of the others have cousins and older friends who go. What if I'm in a class without any friends?

It will all be so different to Hamsterley school.