Sunday September 2 1997

Dear diary,

It's the night before I go to secondary school and I'm really worried because it is new and I don't know what to expect.

I hope I make a lot more new friends BUT what about the friends I want to be with? They might be in a different class.

I hope I don't get lost when I go from lesson to lesson.

Bullies are one of my worst fears. I might be picked on.

The stories I've heard - they scare you to death. I know that every morning I get up I'll be worried. It happened when I started at Frosterley. It will start at comp - only this time it won't go away.

Another thing I'm worried about is neatness. My writing isn't neat even when I do my best, and maths - I'm even worse at that!

The teachers might want me to do things that I can't do and all my friends will go on to new things and I will be left behind struggling. Even worse is the homework - piles and piles! I'll never get it all done AND I will get told off AND there will be 200 word essays about boring subjects. The teachers might be really strict too and give you a detention for whispering in the class.

I am worried about tomorrow but at the same time I'm excited as well. My parents say it'll be OK. Helen's brother and sister go and they say it's good, BUT... Why can't I stay at primary?

In the summer holidays we were playing in the den by the river. We were all different animals. Andrew was a baby eagle and some of us were foxes. It was good fun, but then someone said we shouldn't be playing such babyish games, that we should grow up because soon we'd be going to the big school. We started arguing and some people went home upset Why can't we stay in primary?